Stop Motion

Whether it's called stop motion, stop action, stop frame, stop-mo or sto-mo (we just call it "stomp" because of the physical effect it has on the animator) it's still our favorite form of animation. It's tedious, exacting, difficult and sometimes downright impossible but that's the way we like it.


"Orson Rat"

We had just done three years of the Pillsbury Doughboy.
That's why Orson is wearing his hat.

"So Fresh" Groceryworks "Time And Time Again" "Matchsticks"
US Census
We used 6,000 actual marbles and we had to figure out how to keep them from rolling around between frames. Carl's first station ID from 1987. For all we know they're still running it. We worked with "Play With Your Food" author Saxton Freyman to create these characters using real and not so real food.

It's about time. And it's taken a lot of it.

The 1989 SF earthquake struck during our three week shoot. Good thing it happened between set-ups.